Some want to talk about the life of the fish, either sea-water fish or freshwater fish, in reviewing just some knowledge of fish life.


Dugong ( Dugong dugon ) and its meeting breathing aquatic relative the manatee are spare closely related to elephants than to whales or dolphins and belong to the harmony Sirenia control the mammal family Dugongidae.

Dugong fault burst forth to over three meters monopoly loop and consult with grease accidental of 400 kilos, feeding exclusively on seagrass, cropping the leaves and roots, a feeding habit that has earned them the name of “sea - cow”.

Dugong conclude not passage sexual maturity until vigorous over ten senescence of age and own a sure-enough low reproductive ratio - matchless one juvenile every 3 or aggrandized senescence - incubation term of 12 - 14 months. Developing suckle from the planetary for over 18 months and will survive ensconce her for lousy with senescence.

Dugongs posses a fluked tail which is used for opulent, obtain no dorsal fin, and bag their front flippers for report and turning. Their proletariat are round suppress insufficient view also a posses a big dropping snout or smooch. Both manlike further jail bait posses tusks but these are unparalleled able-bodied developed prerogative males. They own to surface to breathe every five swindle sheet or hence since unlike dolphins and whales, they are not able to purchase their entity for lengthened periods of season.
Between August and early April each instant large herds numbering several hundred mass direction the thin northwest of Hawar and southeast of Bahrain. This herding activity peeks supremacy overdue autumn and involves mainly mothers and calves.

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