Some want to talk about the life of the fish, either sea-water fish or freshwater fish, in reviewing just some knowledge of fish life.

Green Turtle

Green turtles living notoriety humid and subtropical waters along islands and continental coasts of the Atlantic,
Propitiatory and Indian Oceans, usually located between 30 degrees north and 30 degrees south. These reptiles evolved from land ancestors 150 million oldness ago. Green sea turtles are one of a few type alive today that existed during the evolution and ending of the dinosaur. Typically living a single lifeblood, green turtles may bevy during feeding direction shallow waters. The three types of habitats to find green sea turtles are clout the French Frigate Shoals, convergence zones of the pelagic habitats of oceans, and ocean bottoms ( benthic ) along shallow waters. Habitats of the green turtle are diminishing for a quantity of preventable reasons.

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